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Terms of Use

This server is meant for discussing issues related to Community Archaeology Issues. It is neither meant to host personal pages nor to offer free space to post content, text, images or links not related to Community Archaeology. The site will be monitored by the CBA and any abuse/vandalism will be removed and the user banned from this server. If you notice content that is not applicable or is offensive, please to us. The CBA cannot be held responsible for any offensive material posted on this site.

The CBA may also occasionally edit page content to maintain XHTML standards compliance. As this is a new site, and we have yet to establish how much use it will get or the direction(s) it may take, we may also occasionally edit pages to maintain the overall structure of the site, for example adding or changing categories as the site develops.

Registered user privileges

As a registered user, you have access to a number of features, including writing and modifying page content, where writing is restricted to registered users. In order for the CBA to monitor content, images cannot be uploaded without certain permissions being granted. To request this facility please us with your user name.

General editing guidelines

The following guidelines apply to any changes committed to pages of this server.
You are free to create new pages and edit existing pages as long as your contribution corresponds to the guidelines.
  • To preserve consistency across the site and avoid redundancy, please make sure the issue you are intending to discuss has not already been addressed on this site (the quickest way to do this is to use the CA search facility).
  • As a general rule, if you are contributing to an existing project or discussion, editing a relevant page should be the preferred option rather than adding a new page.
  • If you are posting information on a new project then by all means create a new page to do so.
  • When creating a new page, please add a heading at the top and a category link at the end. This will ensure your page is listed in the correct part of the site, and makes navigation much easier.
  • Pages not related to any of the points listed above (other than your own userpage) can be deleted by the Administrators of this site.
  • Any content posted on the CA web site must be free from copyright restrictions (maps, photographs etc) or have permission given by the copyright holder.

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