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Printable instructions here [PDF | 57KB]

You can find the search field on the bottom of every page, labelled with the word ‘search’.

Type your search word(s) and press enter on your keyboard. You will then see a page with the results of your search. Please note that the CAF Text Search Facility is case sensitive.
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Search Tips:

apple banana Find pages that contain at least one of the two words.

+apple +juice Find pages that contain both words.

+apple -macintosh Find pages that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

apple* Find pages that contain words such as apple, apples, applesauce, or applet.

"some words" Find pages that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, pages that contain 'some words of wisdom' but not 'some random words').


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