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The Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society Research Fund

Background to the Society

Founded in 1846, the Society has a long tradition of supporting research. As early as 1889 it published a volume entitled 'The Streets and Lanes of Norwich', a collection of the observations made by the great Norwich antiquary, John Kirkpatrick, in the 1720s and 1730s.

Throughout the whole of its history the Society has attracted all those interested in the archaeology and history of Norfolk. Membership has included amateur and professional archaeologists, but the vast majority of members are simply those fascinated by the people, buildings and ancient sites in the area in which they live.

The Society has amongst its aims the study of the history, architecture and antiquities of Norfolk so here is plenty for researchers to investigate.

Founded 1846
Patron: Her Majesty the Queen
Registered Charity Number 311 116
Registered Address 64 The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DH

If you wish to join the Society, write to the Membership Secretary, Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society, 64 The Close, Norwich NR1 4DH or go online to

The Research Fund

The Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society is one of the oldest archaeological societies in the country. Throughout the whole of its history it has attracted all those interested in the archaeology and history of Norfolk.

For the purpose of seeking to help researchers, young and old, to find out more about our county, it has set up a new research fund to offer grants of up to £500 for Norfolk-related research into any archaeological or historical subject.

Applicants must be current members of the Society and grants can be made for all aspects of research, including travel expenses connected directly to research, and printing and publication, but excluding the payment of academic fees.

Members are invited to apply for grants at any time of year, by submitting a project proposal of no more than 500 words to the Council of the Society, c/o Hon. Sec. 30 Brettingham Avenue, Cringleford, Norwich NR4 6XG. Information is also available on the Society's website.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a summary report, which should not exceed 250 words, at the end of the year in which the grant is made. The research itself may be published by the Society in its journal Norfolk Archaeology if this is considered appropriate by the Hon. Editor.


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