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Centre of Maritime Archaeology: University of Southampton

Have Your Say on Future Research: A ‘Maritime and Marine Historic Environment Research Framework’ for England.

Over the next year, the Centre of Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton will be developing a research framework for the maritime, marine and coastal archaeology of England for English Heritage.Students augering

Research Framework News:
Consultation: Resource Assessment Chapter Working Drafts.
The framework’s resource assessment chapters will be online for consultation for the next six weeks.

Each of the nine chapters, for each period from the Palaeolithic to the present
day, contains a characterisation of the research so far undertaken into the maritime,
marine and coastal archaeology of England, alongside discussion of key themes and key
research gaps. These are assessments of the state of our knowledge about the marine
historic environment from which we can develop a research agenda over the next few
months – so we want to hear your views now.
The chapters are working drafts, produced by leading academics and practitioners in their own time over the last six months, and are open to consultation at this early point so that everyone’s views are included in the development of the framework.

It is a challenge to compress all the relevant research in each period into one short chapter, so, whether you are interested in one or all of the periods, we want your comments on what needs to be expanded, compressed and added.

The consultation will be open from Monday 15th March until April 26th. The chapters can be downloaded from the project webpages here

There is also a Project Conference coming up on May 1st - visit the Current Events Category page to find out about this and other events taking place across the country.

The framework will set out a review of previous research and an agreed list of priority research areas. Importantly, these will shape long-term planning by Government and funding bodies, and should help all researchers plan, and get funding for, future projects.

This is our chance to set the agenda – and your chance to have your say.

If the framework is going to be successful, it is essential that all those involved in the maritime, marine or coastal archaeology of England, from the academic, commercial and voluntary sectors, get involved in outlining the work we’ve already done and what we want to do in the future.

Developing a Resource Assessment and Research Agenda:
By next summer, we will produce a review of the past research (the resource assessment), outlining the gaps and strengths in the work done so far, and a list of future research topics (the research agenda).

These will be drafted by working groups, made up of five or six researchers (professional and avocational) and two chairs. Once complete they will go online for everyone to comment on, and in addition a group of 'critical friends' (experts and practitioners in each field) will comment in detail on them.

Working Groups:
Groups Chairs
Prof Geoff Bailey
Dr Kieran Westley
Prof Martin Bell
Dr Graeme Warren
Neolithic and Early Bronze Age
Dr Fraser Sturt
Prof Robert van de Noort

Late Bronze Age and Iron Age
Dr Jeremy Hill
Dr Steve Willis

Gustav Milne
Dr Mick Walsh
Dr Pete Wilson

Prof Martin Carver
Dr Chris Lovelock

Dr Jon Adams
Dr Joe Flatman

Kevin Camidge
Dr Virginia Dellino-Musgrave

20th Century
Dave Parham
Mark Beattie-Edwards

Methods, Technologies, Visualisation and Dissemination
Dr Justin Dix
John Gribble

Archaeological Archives and Collections
Julie Satchell
Duncan Brown

Key Project Dates and Getting Involved:
A workshop will be held on July 9th-10th for the members of working groups to get the project started. Then in the new year resource assessments drafted by each group will go online for public consultation. Finally, there will be a project conference in April 2010 to present the review and let everyone contribute to the research agenda.

If you are interested in being a working group member or critical friend, or want updates on consultations or the project conference, please check out the project webpages
or contact Jesse Ransley


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