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The Lindow Man Lectures

Clore Learning Suite, Great North Museum, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE2 4PT.

This series of lectures supports the exhibition Lindow Man: Body of Evidence and will explore some of the fascinating questions that arose from the discovery of Lindow Man in a peat bog at Lindow Moss, Cheshire in 1984. A team of experts from many different disciplines, including archaeology and forensic science, have worked on Lindow Man in the years since his discovery but there is still much to learn about him and the circumstances surrounding his death. The lectures will look at different aspects of Lindow Man including his discovery, the evidence for the cause of his death and how he is connected with bog bodies found elsewhere in North Western Europe.All Lectures take place at 6pm unless otherwise stated.

All the lectures take place at 6pm apart from the closing lecture (which is at 2pm). The exhibition Lindow Man: Body of Evidence will remain open between 5 and 6pm to allow lecture attendees an opportunity to see Lindow Man in the flesh. All of the Lindow Man Lectures are free, but places are limited so booking is advisable. To book your place, please call the Great North Museum: Hancock Learning Team on (0191) 222 6865.

Lindow Man and other British Bog Bodies with Rick Turner

Lindow Man was hailed as Britain's first bog body to match the famous finds from the continent such as Tollund Man. However, as this lecture will show, Lindow Man was not even the first such find from Lindow Moss. Well-preserved human remains had been found in peat bogs in the British Isles for over 300 years. Rick Turner will explore the stories surrounding these finds and the explanations for their miraculous preservation.

Rick Turner was Cheshire County Archaeologist when he found and excavated Lindow Man in 1984. He studied archaeology at Cambridge and has been an Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Cadw since 1989.

Archaeology of Human Sacrifice with Andrew Parkin

Was Lindow Man a human sacrifice? This lecture looks at archaeological evidence for human sacrifice and the possibility that Lindow Man was the victim of this kind of rite.

Andrew Parkin is Keeper of Archaeology at the Great North Museum: Hancock and research associate for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies at Newcastle University.

Buried bones, Egyptian mummies and Bog bodies with Robert Connolly

This talk will review what we can and cannot tell from human remains, the important science that has emerged from the study of bog bodies and some of the myths that have arisen regarding Lindow Man and other bog bodies.

Robert Connolly is Senior Lecturer in Physical Anthropology at Liverpool University.

Becoming Roman? The world of Lindow Man with Tom Moore

What changes did Iron Age communities see at the beginning of the first millennium BC and how did Iron Age communities become part of Roman Britannia? This talk offers new perspectives on the developments that took place at the end of the Iron Age in an attempt to understand the changing world in which the sacrifice of individuals like Lindow Man took place.

Tom Moore is Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Durham University. His research interests focus mainly on the British and French Iron Age, particularly the late Iron Age-Roman transition.

Exhibition closing event
28.11.09 at 2pm
The death of Lindow Man: multiple interpretations with Jody Joy

From the evidence found on his body we know Lindow Man suffered a violent death but we don't know exactly how and why he was killed. Jody Joy discusses the possible interpretations of his death.

Jody Joy is Curator of British and European Iron Age Collections at the British Museum.


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