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How to Register, Login and Logout

Printable instructions here [PDF | 126KB]


In order to add any material, or make any comments on CAF, you will need to be a registered user. To register yourself as a new user, simply click on the Login/Register link at the bottom of the left hand menu.

Registration Page showing the six fieldsOn the User settings page you will see six fields. To register you will have to fill out the first four:

1. Your User Name: This is the username you will be identified by in this website. It has to take the format of at least two words starting with capital letters and without spaces between them, such as 'DanHull' or 'MarieClaireFerguson', and must be shorter than 75 characters! It is not possible to use the name of an existing page, so you will have to come up with a new name not yet being used on this site. The type of text used for these usernames is known as CamelCase, and forms an important part of the way in which this website works.

2. Password: you must choose a password that is at least five characters long. The password will be stored encrypted in the CBA’s CAF database, so it is impossible even for someone with access to the database to know your password.

3. Confirm password: to exclude mistakes (for example mistyping) you have to type your password a second time. You can change it later if you wish in your User settings.

4. Email address: you need to enter a valid email address in case you ever forget your password

Then, click on the Button labelled Register. Please note that there is no email confirmation once you register, you will simply be registered straight away.


User SettingsTo login, click on the Login/Register link which can be seen at the bottom of the left hand menu on every page. Simply fill in the first two fields (Your User Name: and Password:) with the information you provided upon registration, then click on the Button labelled Login.

The page changes from the Register/Login screen to a display of your User settings.

You might also want to introduce yourself - click on the link with your username at the top right of any page to create your personal userpage once you have registered. Here you can add information about yourself, projects you're involved in, or any other information that you would like to mention. You are welcome to add a link to your personal website and to websites you own relating to archaeology or heritage. Please don’t feel that this is compulsory, however, if you would rather not do this!


To logout, click the button labelled Logout located on the UserSettings page, or at the bottom of the Menu at the left-hand side of all pages.
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