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Editing an existing page

Printable instructions here [PDF | 253KB]

To edit an existing page, you can either:
• click the "edit page" link. This can be found at the bottom-left of the page
'edit page' option highlighted
• or, if double-click editing is enabled, you can double-click on the page to bring up the editing form.

You will then see the code of the page and will be able to edit it. You can for example format text, or add links and images.
Project page showing the editing code

While in the editing form of the page, you will see three blue coloured buttons at the bottom of the page. The Preview button gives you a preview of how your changes will look before saving your changes with the Store button. With Cancel, you can go back to the page without changing anything. The field above these three buttons is for leaving notes on your edit. These comments will will be shown on other pages in CAF such as RecentChanges , where recent alterations to the site can be tracked and viewed. We recommend that you add a short note to every change so readers and the website administrators can see easily what was changed (and why).
In addition to RecentChanges, changes made to a specific page can also be seen by clicking on ‘page history’ at the bottom of the page (next to ‘edit page’). This shows all the changes (including material that may have been deleted or replaced) as well as the dates and times of these changes.

For more information on editing, see also: FormattingRules

Potential Problems and Controlling Editing Access

If you see the text "You don't have write access to this page. You might need to register an account to get write access", login and try it again, as it may simply mean that you are not yet logged in. If the same text appears again, the owner of the page has prevented others from editing it. You can prevent others from editing your own pages by clicking on the bracketed 'edit acls' link at the bottom of your page. This takes you through to a page where you can adjust access options to the editing rights of your page. For more information on this process, have a look at the Access Control section. Otherwise, for specific queries concerning controlling editing access, contact


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