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Our Next event is the launch of our Interpretation Boards. this will be at 11:00am on Friday 2nd April 2010 at the Castle entrance to the Garth.

We are also planning a Newt Night on Sat 17 April 2010 - from 8:00 pm at the Garth Pond. Dress warmly and bring a torch.

Our last event was a test pit dig Tuesday 7 July 09 through to Sunday 12 July. We didn't have a separate finds day this year but we had a conference group visit us.

For the test pits we worked on last year we had some interesting results and lots of help from volunteers from local groups. if you would be interested in joining us for the test pits this year please do.

We have put videos of our previous events up on the web - thanks to Edward Croot who has been filming our work over the lifetime of our LHI grant.

See highlights of the 2008 dig here
Watch a visit of the Cawood Sword in Jun 08 here

See the opening of Cawood Garth Bridge here
and summaries of our earlier work

Cawood Finds Day

Venue: Cawood. 10 June 2006

Even though we clashed with the first England match in the world cup series, we had a good turn out for the finds day. We were really pleased with the response from the village and we found a range of items from several centuries. This included some second century roman pottery and a 13th century lead seal.
A spreadsheet listing the finds can be downloaded via the link below:

Molehill finds day

Venue: Cawood School. 18 October 2005

School children helped our experts wash and examine the finds they had seen on the Sept 04 Mole hill sift day. The children also learnt about the types of evidence people living at different types in history would have left as clues to the way they lived.

Earth works survey weekend

Venue: Cawood. 9 October 2005

Fans of Channel 4’s Time Team will know the value of the work of ‘Landscape Detective’ Stewart Ainsworth, whether the site under investigation is a prehistoric camp, a medieval abbey or a downed Second World War bomber. Over the weekend of 8th-9th October, three of Stewart’s English Heritage colleagues led a weekend of training in field survey for our Group. They opened our eyes to recognise and interpret archaeological evidence visible with the naked eye, and sometimes staring us in the face. And they showed us how to record what we saw, using a range of techniques from high-tech satellite mapping to simple, old-fashioned taped survey.


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