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Brislington Community Archaeology Project

BCAP formed in 2009 to investigate and celebrate the rich diversity of the archaeological heritage in Brislington. Until the late 19th century Brislington was a village in Somerset, and hailed as perhaps the prettiest in the county, now it is a neighbourhood in the city and county of Bristol.

Because Brislington has roots that stretch back into the Stone Age, and has numerous important branches such as a Roman villa, Medieval pilgrimage site, and WW2 defences, BCAP has evolved a slightly unusual structure. Recognising that different people have different interests, BCAP operates like an umbrella organisation offering a wide range of support to individuals keen to pursue their own particular projects.

By coordinating these activities BCAP aims to

o promote best practice and so safeguard our heritage
o empower local individuals and so encourage enthusiasm
o develop our members' skills and so strengthen our overall effectiveness
o publish our findings and so achieve greater community cohesion.

In return we have received the support of other community groups and local businesses, and have quickly settled into a close working relationship with the City Archaeologist and other professional bodies. We are also engaging with the CBA's annual Festival of British Archaeology, and we look forward to participating as fully as possible in these exciting times of archaeological discovery.

To contact us visit our website: Brislington Community Archaeology Project

Ken Taylor


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