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Adding Other Attachments

Printable instructions here [PDF | 86KB]

Adding other attachments is a very similar process to adding images as well as adding links, so we suggest you familiarise yourself with this process as described in the “Adding an external link” and “Adding Images” sections. Other attachments than images that you may wish to add may include images too large to display on the page, pdf documents and Word documents.

Firstly, after logging in of course, you will need to type {{files}}' somewhere into the page, and then upload your attachment in the same manner as for uploading images. To recap, this means:

• hitting the “edit” button on the page;

• adding {{files}};

• saving the page;

• Browsing through the upload box which will have appeared and adding your attachment(s);

• going back into the “edit” of the page and deleting the {{files}} instruction, and

• saving the document.
files upload box
After this, you can add your attachment by [[forcing]] a link as you would do for new pages or for external web links.

[[ your text for link]], where ‘NAMEOFPAGE’ is the name of the page, ‘NAMEOFFILE’ is the name of the file to be uploaded and ‘.xxx’ is the type of file (e.g. ‘.pdf’),


To add a link to a pdf document called ‘Project_Design’ that you have uploaded already to a project page called 'MyProject', if you typed:

[[ Project Design]]

Clicking on the words ‘Project Design’ in the final edited and saved text would allow someone to download the pdf document.


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